The most important objective for tourists is the Sambata resort with the Brancoveanu Monastery which was built in the XVII-th century by the great sovereign Constantin Brancoveanu. The monastery is the largest ecumenical center in south Eastern Europe.

You can also visit the fortified German churches from Rodbav, Cincsor, Cincu, built centuries ago by the Saxons who inhabited the area. Located at the foot of the Fagaras mountains, the monasteries chain that includes the monasteries from Dejani, Bucium, Breaza and Berivoi recall the religious tradition of the inhabitants of this area. The Pyramids of Sona (Dacian tombs of rulers),the Temple of the Chosen, the Roman camp from Feldioara or the enchanting landscape of the Fagaras region, including the daffodil clearing near Vad village are other attractions for tourists visiting the region.

You can also visit:

  • The fortified German churches from Rodbav, Cincsor, Cincu
  • Monasteries from Dejani, Bucium, Breaza, Berivoi
  • Pyramids from Sona( graves of ancient Dacic tribe chiefs )
  • Ancient Temple
  • Wonderful local landscape
  • The Roman camp from Feldioara
  • The narcissus glade from Vad

Horse riding and mountain wandering, or relaxation in the middle of nature can be other reasons to visit this region at any time of the year.


Located in Sambata de Jos at 12 km from Fagaras, it is the biggest stud of Lipizzaner horses in the country and one of the most important in Europe. You can also see the castle built by Samuel von Brukental in 1770.


In the Lisa village you can see how carpets are made using an over 1000 year old method. The installation named "La Valtori" is over 100 years old and is water powered by the Lisa River.